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How To Choose A Domain Name

Dec 27, 2009

Choosing a domain name can be very tiring and time consuming, especially if your business is all about selling products through marketing on the web. Normally we tend to choose a domain name which is similar to the business name of the company. But if we wish to aim at getting business through search engines, then we need to carefully select the domain name.

Here are few tips that will help you to choose a domain name that is best suited for your business.

  • Have your keywords in the domains name e.g. if you are selling NBA tickets, it is advised to have a domain name like or similar. Having your prominent keywords in domain name reduces the SEO efforts and gets your website quickly on the top of search engines.
  • Chose a short domain name. The shorter the domain name is, the more weighted it is from SEO point of view.
  • .com is the most popular TLD. Unless you have specific locations to target, you should try to get a .com domain. Second most popular one is .net.
  • If you are buying a domain name from secondary market, do check out if the domain is not banned or facing a penalty on search engines.
  • From SEO point of view, first priority should be to choose a domain name without dashes “-“.

Also when you choose a domain name and you wish to create a brand out of it, choose a domain name that appeal to masses.,,, are few examples of domain names that are simple and easy to recognize. If you can couple your keywords in a domain name and create an easy-to-remember domain name then there is nothing like that.

It is important to choose your domain name wisely. Once you get your domain live, all your efforts will be focused on promotions and optimization of your business website, so depending on your business needs you should buy the best suited domain name in the first place.

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Google Adsense: Monetize Your Website

Dec 21, 2009

Website owners can enroll to Adsense, which is an ad serving application run by Google Inc, to enable text, image, and video advertizement on their websites. Administered by Google, these advertizements generate revenue on either a per-click or per impression basis.

With the use of Google Adsense website publishers of all sizes can easily earn money by displaying targeted, unobtrusive Google ads on their websites. Google Adsense which is a fast and easy way to display ads, also allows you to provide Google search to your site users.

Depending on the content of your website, advertizements are displayed. Google Adsense code automatically selects the keywords or which ads can be displayed. You can also choose to “not to” display advertizements for a particular website. Adsense is free, and if anybody has a site and complies with program policies and eligibility criteria of the company, it is encouraged that he should give it a try. The only step away is the completion of the online form.

After filling up form, Google reviews your application and activate your account. Account activation takes normally few days. If your website does not conform Google guidelines then your application can be rejected. Once your account is activated, all you need to do is to choose the ad format and get the Google Adsense code, which can be pasted in HTML code of your website where to want to display the advertizements.

Once your Google Adsense code is in place, ads will start up showing on your website. Every time a user clicks on the advertizement, your account will be credited with some amount (depending on the advertizement). Google Adsense provides a user friendly account management where you can view your accounts performance, stats, and amount generated etc.

Adsense provides a transparent and legitimate revenue generation system to web masters and publishers. If your website is having good content with high number of visitors, then Google Adsense is a perfect way to monetize it.

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Advantages of Web Based Content Management System.

Dec 14, 2009

CMS or Content Management System is a web program created to manage content of a website. Through CMS, a person with no technical skills can easily administer his or her website. CMS is a much better option for your organization if it does not have a HTML or some other related web scripting language skills.

Various Advantages Of Using a Content Management System (CMS)

  • CMS programs give you the freedom to make necessary changes in your content without hiring a programmer for the same. Even if you don’t have knowledge of any HTML language you can make changes like editing, deleting, modifying and removing any content you want from a website with much ease yourself.
  • More often than not there are few differences in the features of content management system but revision control, index, management of format, web publishing and retrieval are present in all CMS. If you are familiar with functioning of one CMS, you can easily handle most of the CMS programs available.
  • CMS’s proper usage can convert any weak website into a profit yielding website. In fact it is the best way available for a website to stay alive in the contemporary online competition. With the help of CMS you can regularly edit and add content to your website. An up-to-date and attractive content gives you an upper hand over your rivals.
  • CMS helps a website yield positive returns with the help of proper and effective management of content. It even helps in bringing down the operating cost consequently increasing profits. You are able to make the necessary changes yourself so you don’t need to pay the programmer to make a change to your website.
  • With the proper execution of Content Management System the working within the organization as well as with the customers becomes smoother.
  • With its intellectual usage, work history and accountability of the entire content system can be maintained. It can specifically differentiate and give you a closer look of the changes made in the content and the frequency as well.
  • With the help of this system a professional looking website can be managed hence making it a big success online. It is even helpful in preserving uniformity of the web pages of your website to a chosen point.

With so many advantages that can lead your business to new heights, the cost of having a CMS developed for your website is a small price.

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Why Use Windows 7?

Dec 4, 2009

The all new Windows 7 is here. With it Microsoft seems to have hit the right note. Tons of new features and enhancements.  Here is a sneak peak into what it has on offer.

Fast and easy access – to your favourite programs and files. You can Pin programs to the task bar. Also you can Pin documents and web sites to Jump Lists on your PC task bar. View the Windows 7 Pin feature demo

Better Performance and Responsive OS – Windows 7 comes loaded with a stronger heart. It is faster and more reliable. The sleep, resume connect to wireless connections very quickly. Search results pop up faster when you search for something. Sort / Group search results is again faster. Windows 7 gets the Portable USB devices ready is seconds and minimizes your wait time. Windows 7 is a lean and clean operating system which uses lesser memory than Windows Vista.

Universal Connectivity – Microsoft has paid special attention to make Windows 7 social among gadgets. Social in the sense that it supports wide variety of Printers, cameras and other hardware and software devices. It supports these devices seamlessly. All devices can be easily hooked up to a Windows 7 PC

Sharing – You can easily and quickly share music, photos, files, and even printers with another Windows 7 based PC/laptop. At home having more than one PC is not a problem anymore. You can quickly send music files, photos, etc. to your family members on same home network. You can even share your printer for quick easy prints within the home network with Windows 7 compatible PCs. Best part is Home Group is password protected and completely secure.

Free Internet TV – Windows 7 provides access to media content available on internet through its Windows Media Center. Choose from a range of TV shows and Movies, conveniently organized. Your broadband connection lets you connect to Internet TV channels and content from anywhere.

User Account Control Customization – One of the most annoying features of Windows Vista is the User Account Control (UAC) pop ups. Every time you do a critical operation it pops up asking for a confirmation. With Windows 7 the UAC pop up is stripped down a great deal. Now very few operating system programs and tasks require user to confirm with a UAC confirmation in order to perform these tasks. Administrator can also adjust what you want to be prompted for and what not.

Windows 7 and Touch Screen – It supports touch screen monitors. You can simply read online newspaper, browse photo galleries, shuffle files, etc, with your finger tip. The start menu task bar are all finger touch friendly. Zoom in a photo by moving your fingers apart on the touch screen. Drag and Drop with fingers.

Run Application as a different User – Windows 7 allows you to run an application as another user. If you are logged in and the application does not support multiple profiles, you can simply hold down the shift key, right click on the application and select the option “Run as different user” to do so.

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Spammers Spread Trojan with H1N1 E-Mails

Dec 3, 2009

Several security vendors are reporting a large malware campaign taking advantage of interest in H1N1 vaccinations.

The e-mails claim to link to a Web page for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention where users can register for a new “State Vaccination H1N1 Program.” However, anyone who clicks on the link ends up with the Zeus Trojan, a prevalent piece of malware used to steal data off of compromised machines.

Security company AppRiver detected the campaign around 8:15 a.m. (CST) Dec. 1, and a hour later was filtering about nearly 18,000 e-mails per minute.

According to Symantec, the domain used in the e-mail links has the format of[RANDOM CHARS].[TLD NAME].im, such as

“As is usually the case with these campaigns, the URL that is supposed to be a document actually leads to an executable file,” blogged Hon Lau of Symantec. “This one is named vacc_profile.exe and is detected by Symantec as Infostealer.Banker.C. Incidentally, the URL is also ‘personalized’ with the e-mail address of the recipient to make it look that little bit more authentic and less like mass-mailed spam.”

The subject lines of the e-mails vary, but some of the ones that have been observed are “Governmental registration program on the H1N1 vaccination” and “Your personal Vaccination Profile.”

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of the e-mail, don’t click it. Information about H1N1 can be found here on the CDC Website.

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