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YouTube Channels For Promoting Your Online Business

November 28, 2012

Advertizing is an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. A good advertizing campaign can do wonders to the success of the product as it ensures that the right message reaches to the right audience. With the advent of online media, there is no doubt about the fact that the consumers today get a great deal of information from the internet. YouTube is one such medium that has a huge reach to audiences worldwide and can be used as an effective medium for online promotions.

With millions of videos being uploaded on YouTube every single day, it can be difficult for you to put your video across viewers. So there has to be an effective strategy in place so that large number of viewers subscribe to your channel and eventually become your customers. Some tips can come in really handy in this regard.

  • The key factor is the quality of videos being uploaded. If the videos are not of high resolution or if they lack useful content, then you might not get the desired response from them. A good quality video will get more number of viewers and will also make sure that maximum people subscribe to your channel and share it with others on social networks too.
  • As per stats, around 23 percent of the viewers watch You Tube videos on other websites rather than on You Tube itself. Hence it is worthwhile to embed the links to your You Tube channel on your blog and on promotional pages on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Updates are very important. The business firms should keep in mind the fact that the content is to be updated regularly.
  • The videos should be tagged in an appropriate manner so that the viewers can easily search for the required content.
  • Leaving video responses on other YouTube channels is yet another effective way to attract more viewers to your channel and increase the website traffic.
  • Another tactic that works really well is to give your You Tube channel an identity in the form of a logo or a brand name. This is really helpful for the users to recognize your business whenever they are online.
  • Video testimonials on the YouTube channel that depict how your business successfully helped the customers to meet their needs and demands can be another way of promoting business. While communicating with new prospective customers, one can put in the link to these videos so that the people can come to know about the benefits that are available to them.

It is advised to create and promote Videos on YouTube and other video submission portals to increase your brand’s awareness. We at Centex Technologies provide Video Optimization and SEO services to our clients. For more information, call us at (800) 236-1497

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Internet Marketing Austin: SEO And Social Networking

August 20, 2012

With a website in place for your business, you are half way to benefiting from the myriad benefits that come with having an online presence in today’s web-dominated world. However, essential e-marketing techniques like SEO, SMO, and SMM are what determine whether your website gets a spot in a prime location, or remains that down-street business that just a few people know about. A few years ago, it might have been enough to just focus on the SEO strategies for your website, and ensure that your website ranked high on search engines.

However, nearly 70% of the American population having an active profile on multiple social networking sites, it is just as important to get the word of your business out on these networks. Ideally, your SEO strategies should be integrated with your social media and networking profiles, to result in a holistic internet marketing plan that not just attracts users, but also keeps them engaged. With the cut-throat competition that exists in nearly every industry on the internet, it takes persistent and dynamic efforts to make use of multiple channels for attracting users to your website.

Social media is your way to get directly in touch with your niche audience, at just a fraction of the cost and time that is usually invested into conventional marketing. You can achieve multiple purposes ranging from product marketing to reputation management, in just a few clicks on these social networks. Interestingly, social media strategies are also instrumental in boosting search engine optimization and lead generation. A part of search engine algorithms rely on user generated data derived from leading social networking sites, which means that back-links generated from these sites are of high value in improving your ranking on search engine results.

Both SEO and social networking reap results after consistent efforts carried out over a sufficient time period. If you wish to improve sales for your Austin-based business, both these tools are definitely worth experimenting with. These techniques, when carried out in tandem, will help to draw a targeted audience to your website, build brand awareness, improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost sales and revenues for your business.

After all, business is all about relationships, and while SEO helps to initiate these relationships by bringing people to your business and efficient social networking makes them to stay there. We at Centex Technologies, Austin provide SEO and Social Networking Solutions to our clients based in Central Texas. For more information on our SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Designing and Web Development services please call us at – (800) 236-1497

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Austin Internet Marketing Tips: Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

June 28, 2012

Internet marketing has revolutionized the very definition of “marketing” as the experts in the field knew it. Contrary to what some may think, it is not enough to merely build a website, but what is actually important is to attract relevant users to it, and convert visits into sales. That is what internet marketing is all about, and here are the top mistakes that are made by website owners:

  • Not blogging and sending out regular newsletters- Blogs and newsletters are among the most efficient ways of reaching out to your users, and building your credibility. Forgetting to be regular with them, or simply being too lazy about it is a major internet marketing mistake.
  • Having insufficient calls-to-action- Users have come to your website, but once they are there, they are bombarded with an elaborate design, blocks of text, and flashy images. But not enough clear and simple calls-to-action that will actually lead them to your products or services. Make use of simple designs and contrasting colors to grab the attention of users within seconds of them arriving on your website.
  • Having a disjointed strategy- While it is great to have separate teams working on various aspects of your marketing strategy, like social media, online campaigns, SEO, etc., it is equally important to ensure that they work in sync with each other, and that there is a common link running between all of them.
  • Not checking performance often enough- There is a lot more than tweaking your website or updating products that you need to do in order to have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not for your website. You need to track performance of your internet marketing campaign and this should be done on weekly basis if possible. Based on the results you should modify your action plan.
  • Ignoring SEO – Ranking high on search engines is one of the best strategies that can yield you high return on investment. SEO not only get you traffic from search engines but also adds to your authority in the industry. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization is one of the major mistakes that web masters make.
  • Short term strategies – Short term marketing strategies like luring users with false offers might give you temporary success, but in the long run, it will just wreak havoc over your online reputation. In the internet marketing world, always place authenticity above all else!

We at Centex Technologies serves Austin, Dallas & Killeen areas to provide SEO services, Internet Marketing Solutions, Web Development and Website Designing. For more information, feel free to call us at (800) 236-1497

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Web Development Tips: How To Create A Well SEOed Website

June 7, 2012

The key to effective web development is to be clear about the results that you expect from your website, right from the get go. An ideal website is one that is made with a precise vision of the purpose that it intends to serve, grasps the attention of its users, and is search-engine friendly. Discussed below, are the key steps involved in web development-

  • Collect information that is relevant to your site- This is the first, and most basic step that you need to take to get started with web development. “Content is the king”, and with a strong backup of relevant content, you’re all set to get started.
  • Carry out a domain name research- The domain name that you choose for your website is a critical factor in determining its popularity. Choose one that’s simple, easy to remember, relevant to what your website offers, does not infringe on copyrights, and ends with a dot com suffix.
  • Research your competitor websites-Before getting started with your website, look into the top-ranking and most successful websites that turn up for the keywords that you are targeting. Carefully observe what they are doing right, and smartly incorporate it into your website.
  • Choose the right title for your website- Once you have decided on your website domain name, the next step is to choose a title that concisely describes what your website offers.
  • Choose the right website host- Research for the right host for your website, looking for one that is flexible in its server types, has an easy control panel, is available for customer support, and does not have blackholed IP’s in its network.
  • Categorize and tag your website- While this is an essential step to making your website search engine friendly, the main purpose of doing it is to make it easier for your users to navigate.
  • Submit your website to search engines- Once you are confident about the design of your website, and have implemented critiques from knowledgeable friends and acquaintances, you are now ready to take the plunge into the world of search engines by submitting your website on them. Review your submission after 3-4 months to see how you are faring.

Once you are done with the process, you can start with regular SEO tasks for link popularity building. For more information on creating SEO friendly Website Design, call us at Centex Technologies – Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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Social Media Benefits

May 25 2012

Social media has revolutionized the definition of online marketing, becoming a must-have for every SME, as well as individual. Even though some might criticize it as an invasion of privacy and a wastage of time, the bottom line is that of you are not a part of social media, you practically do not exist- at least for the millions of internet users logged in to these networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the leading names in social networks/ media. Even if you look to promote your business locally in Austin or Dallas, social media can be of immense help. Here’s a look at how having an active presence on these networks can be beneficial to you:

  1. Online visibility– The biggest benefit of social media, from a businessman’s point of view, is the fact that it introduces your prospective clients to your business. It is almost like a free advertizement reaching out to millions.
  2. Customer feedback– The feedback that a customer will give you on your social media profile is likely to be a lot more casual and honest, then if say, you asked him to fill a feedback form. You can make the most of this, by listening to what your target users are saying, and making efforts to improve your business. Specially in closely knit local markets of Austin or Dallas, referencing can be of great benefit.
  3. Visual updates– The impact left by an eye-catching photograph is much more than that created by a block of text. Social media lets you bank on this fact, by serving as a platform where you can regularly update pictures of your latest products or services, and let your users know what’s on offer.
  4. Engaging customers via personal interaction– Once a prospective customer adds you to their social media profile, your battle’s half won. Now, all that you have to do is figure out a way to keep them engaged. This could be via an online poll, contest, or simply a discussion. By encouraging customers to interact on a personal level, you increase the chances of customer loyalty.
  5. Personal profile– Social media is also an immensely useful tool for “marketing oneself”. If you, as an individual, have any special skill that you would like to share with prospective employees, you could use social media as a platform to showcase your work, and reach out to them, which would have been very difficult else wise.

Overall, social media is a necessary evil, which can be as good or as bad as you make it to be. Use it smartly, ethically, and most importantly, regularly, and you’re on the highway to success!

We at Centex Technologies provide social media marketing services which include managing social media profiles and placing advertizements according to demographics of target users. For more information on our SEO, Internet Marketing, Web Development and Website Designing services call us at Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-851-7878) Office.

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