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How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business Promotions

July 26, 2010

If you want to market your products on the internet, using Facebook and Twitter is a good option. As two of the leading social networking sites in the world, these have become very popular among marketers for business promotion.
Launched in 2004, Facebook has millions of active members (400 million plus as on date)  and thousands of people signing in everyday. On the other hand, Twitter is a micro blogging website that was created in 2006. Its mobile social networking service has attracted a lot of attention and popularity from members. Twitter has also been ranked as the third most used website in the world.

When you decide to use Facebook and Twitter for business promotion, the first step is to create groups that can be used by fellow users. This allows businesses to be a part of the social environment on these networking sites and get informed about its updates. Also, groups can be used as an advertisement base to reveal and promote your products or services. On Facebook, users also have the option to setup contests and polls that make people aware of their offerings.

On Twitter, business promotion can be undertaken by sending multiple tweets to other users. In response, people recognizing your product will become followers and potential customers.

Several other features of Facebook and Twitter can be used to market your business. These mainly include Self Promotion, News Feed and Publisher along with other features. By using them optimally, you can post your message about the products in a single space and contact plenty of online customers.

When users look at your groups or posts on Facebook, their interest develops gradually. Similarly, followers on Twitter are sure to become potential clients when they receive regular updates about your business. Along with text, photos can also be posted for a better view of your products as well as services. When customers can see things rather than just reading about them, the impact is much more.

We at Centex Technologies create unique and effective social networking and internet marketing campaigns. We are located in Killeen, Central Texas and provide Internet Marketing/ SEO services to our clients globally. Feel free to know how we can increase your revenue through our well researched Internet Marketing strategies.

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Social Network Advertising And Promotions

June 27, 2010

Over the period of time, social networking has become extremely popular. Everyday thousands of people are signing up for websites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. In May 2010, Facebook alone had more than 400 million user profiles in its network. With millions of viewers visiting every day on such sites, it is important for business portals to use this fact to their advantage.

Advertising on social networking sites can prove to be very beneficial for promoting your web business. You can advertise on social networks by posting videos, pictures, links, groups, fan pages and ads. Proper management of your social networking campaign allows you to attract viewers to your own web space. The ROI of such advertising campaigns are much higher than any other form of paid advertisements.

While using social network advertising, it is important to target the right audience in the right way. The kind of traffic being driven to your website can make your small online business turn into a million dollar business. People will click on links only when they are genuinely interested in finding out more about a product or service. If your ad specifies your website objectives clearly, interested viewers will surely visit your website.

While advertizing or promoting your business on any of the social network, spamming should not be done at all. Spamming is completely undesirable on social networking websites. By spamming banners and links to your site, you will not get any additional visitors. In fact, you will only create a bad impression on potential customers and may also get banned from the networks.

A unique feature of social network promotions is that you get to know your audience well. Social networking sites allow you to talk to people and seek their feedback on your services and products.

Social networking sites have provided a new avenue to online businesses for promoting their products and services effectively. We at Centex Technologies provide complete internet marketing solutions including social networking campaigns and Search Engine Optimization.

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Social Networking

Jan 5, 2010

Social networking is one of the latest trends over internet.  Although it seems to be the most modern trend, its history goes back to 1985 when THE WELL was initiated. THE WELL is one of the oldest online communities which is known for its online forums.  During the 1990’s technology was at a boom and sites like and geocities .com started getting popular. These sites would let individuals create their homepage which was generally a personal profile.  This was also the starting of the blogging culture within internet.

In 1997, was launched where you could create user profiles and send messages directly to friends. allowed you to search for people with similar interests and add them to your friends list. In spite of having all these features, was shut down as it could not gather profits, maybe because the site was ahead of its time. During 2002 and 2004 there were three such sites namely Friendster, Myspace and Linked in that emerged and changed the way people worked on internet. It started with Friendster in 2002 which Google tried to acquire in 2003, then Myspace which had more page views that Google at one time and then Linkedin.  In 2004, Facebook started emerging and in just a few years Facebook became one of the fastest and the largest growing sites not limiting to geographical locations. Facebook opened gateways by allowing externally developed add on applications which allowed people to integrate their applications within the site.  Facebook is not only used by individuals but also used by several businesses to promote their services and products as well.

After 2005, Social Networking began flourishing as a business component and many businesses started using sites like Facebook, Bebo and Myspace as a tool to promote their businesses.  In 2006 came Twitter which although has comparatively lesser features became one of the most popular sites in 2008-09 because of the ease of use it allows.

Social networks are becoming increasingly popular amongst students, teachers, businessmen, non profit organizations, celebrities and others to interact with each other. It is easy to create profiles and get connected to people with your interests. Sites like Facebook , Myspace and Orkut have started using Collabarative techniques to give users a better experience  while sites like Twitter are winning on the ease of use syndrome. With all this in action, there are more developments that are being done in order to make  it easier for people to get connected.

Centex Technologies plans Social Networking campaigns for clients to market their products on major social networks.

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