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Setting Up Computer Network in Office – Common Mistakes

June 28, 2013

Computers are a major part of any office or institution today. In fact, I do not think people can imagine office without computers anymore. It has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives. A computer network is necessary in most offices as it supplements sharing between computers and simplifies other tasks too. A lot of people prefer to set up the computer network in their office without the assistance of any trained professional. Doing so is absolutely fine but there are a few common mistakes people make, which everyone should be weary off:

Choosing the wrong hardware/software:
There dozens of choices in the market when it comes to choosing hardware/software and there is no shame in being confused. Most people don’t go into the technical aspects, and choose the wrong stuff for their office. Instead understand that most of the hardware comes with its own software and try to find one that suits your purpose.

Beware of Wi-Fi Cold Spots:
If you are relying on Wi-Fi connectivity for your office, it is common to find that the reception or connection is poor in some areas. This could be near corners or parts of the building away from the wi-fi router. To correct this, place the transmitter
(wi-fi router) in a central position and use additional equipment to amplify the signal.

Malfunction of network applications:
It is common that after a lengthy installation of a computer network, some of the applications will just stubbornly refuse to respond. These could be due to faulty settings made at some stage in the installation. Ensure that while installing the network, all the computers are able to connect and all devices like shared printers are in working condition. Sometimes one or two special devices will refuse to join the network. This could be due to some software issue. Check if the software on both devices is compatible and re-install.

Assuming that tech support is not necessary:
It is quite possible that you may refrain from asking for technical support from professionals till there is an evident problem. It is highly recommended that tech support be consulted while installing a new network to ensure that it is set up correctly. This could help you in the long run by making the network not require constant maintenance.

Compromising on network security:
The security of a network is crucial and should not be taken lightly. If not properly secured with encryptions and firewalls, there is a high chance of misuse and even theft of intellectual property.  Ensure that your network is protected and hack proof.

Avoid these common mistakes and you should be well on your way to setting up a computer network in your office.

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What to expect in SEO in the coming months – By: Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, talk about the changes coming up at Google – What search engine optimizers (SEOs) and webmasters should expect in the next few months.

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Internet Marketing Austin: SEO And Social Networking

August 20, 2012

With a website in place for your business, you are half way to benefiting from the myriad benefits that come with having an online presence in today’s web-dominated world. However, essential e-marketing techniques like SEO, SMO, and SMM are what determine whether your website gets a spot in a prime location, or remains that down-street business that just a few people know about. A few years ago, it might have been enough to just focus on the SEO strategies for your website, and ensure that your website ranked high on search engines.

However, nearly 70% of the American population having an active profile on multiple social networking sites, it is just as important to get the word of your business out on these networks. Ideally, your SEO strategies should be integrated with your social media and networking profiles, to result in a holistic internet marketing plan that not just attracts users, but also keeps them engaged. With the cut-throat competition that exists in nearly every industry on the internet, it takes persistent and dynamic efforts to make use of multiple channels for attracting users to your website.

Social media is your way to get directly in touch with your niche audience, at just a fraction of the cost and time that is usually invested into conventional marketing. You can achieve multiple purposes ranging from product marketing to reputation management, in just a few clicks on these social networks. Interestingly, social media strategies are also instrumental in boosting search engine optimization and lead generation. A part of search engine algorithms rely on user generated data derived from leading social networking sites, which means that back-links generated from these sites are of high value in improving your ranking on search engine results.

Both SEO and social networking reap results after consistent efforts carried out over a sufficient time period. If you wish to improve sales for your Austin-based business, both these tools are definitely worth experimenting with. These techniques, when carried out in tandem, will help to draw a targeted audience to your website, build brand awareness, improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost sales and revenues for your business.

After all, business is all about relationships, and while SEO helps to initiate these relationships by bringing people to your business and efficient social networking makes them to stay there. We at Centex Technologies, Austin provide SEO and Social Networking Solutions to our clients based in Central Texas. For more information on our SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Designing and Web Development services please call us at – (800) 236-1497

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Geo-Targeting For Google Search

July 19, 2012

Geo-targeting is an SEO technique that focuses on making your business location clear to search engines, and hence figuring in searches done in regard to that particular location. This is an especially useful tool for local businesses that do not have a global business set up, and can significantly help to propel you higher on Google. As a user on Google, you have probably noticed that the ads and search results that you see on your web pages are relevant to your location.

Google utilizes its ability to geo-locate to make that possible. When this approach is looked at the other way round, from the point of view of the websites that figure in these search results, the significance of geo-targeting becomes clear.

Enlisted below are a few simple steps that you can take to geo-target your website for Google search-

  • Get a country-specific domain, e.g., .ca, or .uk to make the country that you are based in instantly clear to Google.
  • Make sure that your web hosting server is based in the same country that you are targeting. Some hosting providers may have offices in a certain country, despite actually being based overseas.
  • Something as simple as the language that you use on your website can be used to gauge your location. So make an extra effort to ensure that the spellings/ grammar/ colloquialisms in your site’s content reflect your actual location.
  • It is always useful to have in-bound links from local customers rather than overseas customers for geo-targeting your website. These could be any form of user-generated content like referrals or testimonials.
  • One of the easiest ways to generate local traffic for your website is by submitting your website to local search directories. It is important to look at the directory’s quality and ensure that it is presentable before making a submission.
  • Another great way to geo-target your website for Google is to include your name, address, and even pin code on the footer of each page on your website. Be careful not to overcrowd it with multiple addresses, but to create different pages for different locations instead.
  • It also helps to include your location in the tag of your website. For instance, you should choose “Texas property dealer” instead of “property dealing services”. This also stands true for other meta content like your website’s title and description.
  • You can also utilize Google’s webmaster account to let Google know about the location you wish to serve with your website.

If your potential customers are in your local area, you need to stop wasting time on achieving global search rankings, and make the most of geo-targeting. After all, it is the local customers who will eventually turn into loyal customers!

Centex Technologies is a Central Texas based SEO company that serves Austin, Dallas and Killeen regions. For more information on Internet Marketing in Austin, Dallas and Killeen, feel free to call us at our toll free no – (800) 236-1497

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